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Collaboratively Cloud Code AI Projects from anywhere in the world on our proprietary and User-Friendly SaaS , spending no time on building the environment

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Connabo's Code-Room is a unique SaaS platform that allows you to collaborate in real-time on coding projects with friends on our ecosystem. As the owner of your own code-room, you can invite connections and friends to join you and work together on a variety of projects. Our user-friendly platform also offers audio and video calling, as well as instant messaging, making collaboration even more interactive. Connect with users from around the world and grow together on our platform.

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Our platform is a community where anyone can ask for help or advice on their doubts, questions, and errors, and expect instant solutions from other members. We use AI algorithms like recommendation systems and clustering in the background to provide a better, more efficient user experience that connects people with similar backgrounds and interests. Join us and discover the power of our collaborative community.

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Rich coding templates


Our platform is a space where machine learning and deep learning professionals and students can easily access customizable code templates to jumpstart their projects. Our filters allow users to quickly find the right code skeleton for their needs, which can then be edited and customized to fit their specific project requirements. Join us and experience the convenience and power of our platform for yourself

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Our platform is an ecosystem where machine learning, deep learning, and AI enthusiasts can compete in a variety of competitions and challenges. Institutions, companies, and organizations with business problems related to AI can also host their datasets on our platform, providing a unique opportunity for the community to develop solutions and advance the field. Join us and discover the competitive and collaborative possibilities of our platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Connabo gives you an affordable platform to do live collaborative real-time coding with audio and video features and the respectable group members have a Common Coding Interface. The membership plans differ on the basis of the number of people in a particular Code Room. All charges are monthly based.
A Connabo code-room is a unique environment where you can do collaborative real time coding with anyone you are friends with on the Stellar AI Ecosystem. Once you find a user/connection on the Ecosystem you have to send that person a friend request add that person a friend then you can add them in your particular owned code-room and start with your real time coding , data science , algorithm making , etc.
As we know artificial intelligence is currently the most upcoming industry. We are building a very user-friendly platform where people in this field can connect chat, group chat and also raise their doubts and upcoming research work or updates on Artificial intelligence. As we say knowledge is power, we want our stellar ai community to spread this power all across the globe and enlighten the world. Our main goal is to build a community where you can connect with people, solve your doubts, code with your mates and make data science learning a fun process.
Connabo is a platform where people working in the field of coding/data-science/machine learning /artificial intelligence or people who are keen to learn about it and make their future in AI can come and interact with like minded individuals and grow individually as well as in a team.
We provide a paid service called AI code-rooms where people can make groups and do live collaborative real time coding with llive audio and live video features as well as a common coding interface is provided. Also, there is a AI Forums, AI Skeleton Codes, AI Competitions section which are completely free for the community.

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